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Amino acids of vegetable origin, from enzymatic hydrolysis
Amminofruit Bio is a concentrated liquid of free amino acids of vegetable origin (12%) all left-handed, this product can be used on all crops in all phenological stages of plants.
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Nutritional effects

  • The short-chain amino acids of Amminofruit Bio are rapidly assimilated by the leaves, feed through the phloem all the cells of the plant, up to the fruits and roots, provide sugars and carbohydrates without wasting energy, increase the quality of the harvest and the brix degree of the fruits.
  • Amminofruit Bio enhances the conservation of chlorophyll which is essential for the photosynthesis process, therefore it favors the development of plants and fruits.
  • Amminofruit Bio Applied to the soil, it improves the absorption of microelements.
  • Amminofruit Bio applied to the soil activates the bacteria of the rhizosphere which raise the humification activity of the organic substance.

Anti-stress effects

  • During stresses (excess of heat and cold, of salinity, attack of parasites, intoxication by pesticides and plant growth regulators) the plants stop synthesizing proteins and their growth stops together with that of the fruits, in these moments, the plant tries to synthesize amino acids such as those contained in Amminofruit Bio.
  • Preventive and curative applications of Amminofruit Bio limit the negative effects of plant stress, so their development continues without interruption.
  • Amminofruit Bio can be used for both fertigation and foliar applications.
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